Addressing the Challenges in Agriculture
Trading Commodity Businesses is Optimal

Today’s businesses dealing with agricultural trading of soft commodities require an efficient software solution that will take care of the multi-aspects of those businesses. This software will handle the structures and conventions of contract types and both value and supply chains.​

Great opportunities in agricultural commodities trading

The soft commodities trading software will look after the complexity of inventory management along with the end-to-end process of data handling of purchasing soft commodities, storing them, shipping, and then trading them efficiently.​

E/CTRM software like Openlink and Endur help improve profit margins as business operations become faster, easier, and more effective than ever. This way, you streamline your business, simplifying all processes. You also get to assess your risks beforehand, plan strategically, and adapt new ways to mitigate business risks.​

We help with optimizing soft commodities agricultural trading optimization as technological advancements are steady and fast in today’s world, you need to be a part of this change; otherwise, you will lose the competitive edge in the market.​

We help you optimize your business processes so that you create a roadmap that leads directly to your goal of higher revenue. It is a great ROI opportunity for every business trading soft commodities.​

How Openlink can be useful for your business:

This software is dedicated to trading, accounting, merchandising, and risk management related to physical commodity trading.​

Openlink takes care of buying, selling, transforming for distribution and sale of products, by-products, and co-products.​

It addresses all the trading requirements like manufacturing, distribution, user security, government compliance, commodity management, risk management, financial accounting, and much more.​

Openlink manages daily operations, monitoring future risks, profit and loss, looking for opportunities across all sectors. Its real-time reporting tools send information to the right place at the right time.​

How Endur can be advantageous for your organization:

This is an award-winning software serving in ETRM solutions or Energy Trading Risk Management solutions. Endur is a perfect front-to-back-office solution that is perfect for all your business operations and operation models.​

  • Reduce back-office processing time significantly​
  • Automate all operations with straight-through processing​
  • Improve your visibility into market positions​
  • Enable powerful decision making for real-time data collection​
  •  Tap into new markets quickly and cost-effectively​

Through our consulting services, we ensure Endur will handle all business requirements.​

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