Energy And Utilities

Over 20 Years of Experience in Energy

Encompassing the full range of energy based value chains; from Upstream, midstream, and downstream through logistics & settlements, across multiple asset classes; Principia consultants offer specialized domain knowledge in each of the following disciplines:

  • Oil & Gas – From the complex pricing constructs of the trading business to the niche differences in behavior between European, North American and Asian Models we offer a complete understanding of the challenges and solutions required to succeed in these markets.
  • Electricity – Valuation of the electricity supply chain must take into account the costs of fuel procurement, transport and storage against the operating costs and value of the power within selected markets.  This holistic approach offers cross-commodity risk management practices which are designed to leverage the strength of an integrated energy player.  They include the market risk valuations against asset based valuations to create a complete PNL picture while isolating risk.
  • Coal – From thermal coal to steam coal; and the qualities and heat rates of the various grades our clients trade to the supply chain and the complexities associated with logistics, storage and delivery, Principia offer the most robust knowledge base in Asia’s dominant coal markets as well as the consumption areas that trade and are exposed to coal as a fuel.
  • LNG – With extensive fields across Asia-Pac and billions in investment capital required, LNG not only represents the future of clean energy initiatives but a ready source of fuel supply to the world today and well into the future.  From the upstream traditional long term contracts with complex look back prices to the newly formed liquid market contracts, Principia offers the acumen needed to navigate the LNG markets with vision and clarity.

Our Philosophy

Empower thought leadership through open and synergistic partnerships with our clients and industry leaders. Utilize our knowledge and create a platform for delivery to our clients powered by passion. It is the consummate drive to achieve success for our clients that enables us to succeed as a team.

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