Industries We Serve

Spanning from Energy and Utilities through Financial Services & Soft Commodities; Principia provides in depth knowledge of your industry. Having witnessed the evolution of energy trading over the past decade starting with the deregulation of energy markets globally, to the ever-increasing demand and need for sustainable energy sources – the need for sound risk management strategies has never been greater.

The trading community at large now sits at the precipice of yet another momentous change. The pendulum has swung from the landscape of deregulation to an era of complex Regulatory Compliance facing the trading community today. Principia faces these challenges with in depth knowledge of the regulatory environment coupled with integrated IT solutions that fit within our clients eco-systems.

Our Philosophy

Empower thought leadership through open and synergistic partnerships with our clients and industry leaders. Utilize our knowledge and create a platform for delivery to our clients powered by passion.  It is the consummate drive to achieve success for our clients that enables us to succeed as a team.

We pride ourselves in:

Industry Acumen

From the roots of our ownership to the experience of our people, Principia is organically built from the Energy& Commodity Industry. Our teams are composed of a minimum of 5-7 years of practical industry experience having “lived in our client’s shoes.” This affords us the unique ability to see the challenges our clients face from a first-hand perspective and create complimentary yet holistic solutions.

Commodity Value Chain

The highly integrated nature of today’s value chain translates beyond the traditional SME role. Principia consultants transcend beyond their discipline to understand the effect of their decisions across the value chain. From upstream to market, optimization to hedging; Principia delivers the knowledge and tenacity our client have grown to expect of us.

Breadth of Knowledge

At Principia, we offer industry knowledge from Crude Oil to Power, Agri-Trading to Supply Chain & CPGs. Understanding the overlap in commodity behavior while being able to identify the subtleties of each commodity in its pricing, risk profile, & the operations globally gives Principia a unique value proposition that truly separates us from the competition.
We are thought leaders who guide our clients through
expert advice across a global scale

Energy & Uitilities

Encompassing the full range of energy based value chains; from Upstream, midstream, and downstream through logistics & settlements, across multiple asset classes.
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Soft Commodities/


Plantation to market and all the refining and processing needed to go to market; Principia offers domain knowledge mapped directly to this complex supply chain including tracking the production margins, pricing structures and hedge requirement challenges faced within this market.
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Compliance & Regulation

With the trading industry on the verge of unprecedented change through government regulation the need to prepare organizations for the vast reporting requirements necessary has become the prime focus of systems and solutions today.
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Financial Services

Whether trading paper for the sole purpose of hedging physical positions, or as a trading strategy unto itself, the financial industry is ripe with complex pricing, structured products and a vast set of reporting requirements and pricing models to compute market and Greeks values.
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