Experience powered though knowledge

As a global full service consultancy specialising in the Energy & Commodity industry; it is crucial that Principia’s core consulting teams have both the in-depth knowledge of the trading landscape as well as the IT systems, business processes and integration touch points that create a tangled web of solutions within our clients Trading Eco-Systems.

Empowered with this knowledge, Principia seeks to bring clarity to our clients thereby providing the visibility necessary to identify and mitigate risk.  Leveraging on scalable solution matrices built around industry best practices, allows for nimble response time, cost-effective deployment and optimised results for our clients.  Principia addresses niche client requirements without costly bespoke solutions that can lead to delays and budget overruns.

Our Philosophy

Completely adaptive and tailored to our client’s requirements; Principia’s core methodology affords our clients the most robust balance between knowledge and pragmatic solutions.

We pride ourselves in:

Delivery Empowered by Knowledge

Understanding our client’s industry is as essential as understanding the complexities of the solutions and processes required to achieve success. Through this combination of knowledge and experience Principia ensures our clients reap the utmost in value proposition from our resources.

Team Synergy

The talent of individuals is superseded only by the strength of a powerful team. We hand select each team member to not only fit the needs of our client’s project requirements but to ensure a cohesive delivery mechanism within our teams.

Vision to Value

The selection of the most powerful systems in the world can be rendered ineffective by flawed delivery. A deep understanding of the strengths and pitfalls of each solution allows our teams to navigate towards this vision & ensure optimal efficiency for our clients.

We are thought leaders who guide our clients through expert advice across a global scale

E/C – TRM Consultancy

Our consultants provide a wide range of not only industry knowledge but in-depth system knowledge necessary to implement the complex and flexible solutions offered in today’s software landscape.
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Solutions Advisory

Collaborative business requirements gathering, scenario analysis, and a complete “go-to-vendor” strategy customized to our clients exact needs equates to the perfect balance of product, budget and process fit.
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Transformation Advisory

Enterprise software can create a tangled web of systems, integration touch points, and reporting inaccuracies.
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Global Best Practices

Leveraging on the experience of 15+ years of knowledge and industry best practices across a wide array of commodities; Principia delivers optimized solutions built on proven fundamental principles.
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Strategic Bridge Development

From dynamic real-time ERP integration to pointed solutions designed to fit within our clients eco-system, the Strategic Bridge Development team manages the entire SDLC process from design, build & test through the deploy and train process.
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