Soft Commodities/Agri-Trading

Complex Markets Require Creative Solutions

Plantation to market and all the refining and processing needed to go to market; Principia offers domain knowledge mapped directly to this complex supply chain including tracking the production margins, pricing structures and hedge requirement challenges faced within this market.  Understanding the lack of liquidity allows our teams to offer creative “farm-gate” based derivative strategies to offset risk in proxy hedge markets while delivering the complete trading solution.

  • Principia covers traditional Soft Commodity markets such as Wheat and Grain, Coffee Cocoa Sugar, Cotton, and others as well as emerging trade markets such as natural rubber, palm oil and many others.
  • Also included in our area of expertise are the CPG supply chain and the subtle differences between the two.

Our Philosophy

Empower thought leadership through open and synergistic partnerships with our clients and industry leaders. Utilize our knowledge and create a platform for delivery to our clients powered by passion. It is the consummate drive to achieve success for our clients that enables us to succeed as a team.

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