Strategic Bridge Development

Client Focused Solution Architecture

From dynamic real-time ERP integration to pointed solutions designed to fit within our clients eco-system, the Strategic Bridge Development team manages the entire SDLC process from design, build & test through the deploy and train process.  Bespoke development allows our clients to integrate and extend  existing software functionality with the option to augment or create new solutions which provide standalone advanced functionality which co-exist in the current IT eco-system.

Solutions such as Business Intelligence & Management Reporting Dashboards, Value at Risk, PFE & other advanced Risk Engines, Credit Risk Management Modules, Stress Testing Tools, Machine Learning Devices, and several other solutions have been designed and delivered by Principia’s Bridge Development Team.

Our Philosophy

Completely adaptive and tailored to our client’s requirements; Principia’s core methodology affords our clients the most robust balance between knowledge and pragmatic solutions.

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