Why CTRM Systems Matter?

Cross-Section of a Digital Eco-System

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There are two lessons to be learnt from the “New Normal”. First, that business and organizational processes need to be better equipped to mitigate risk. Second, digital transformation is needed more than ever to facilitate these changes.

This is particularly crucial for companies in the energy and commodity trading industry. The organic growth of many of these trading companies have resulted in a patchwork of processes over the years. While functioning thus far, leakages and inefficiencies remain, and in fact are exacerbated in times of crises.

The Core: CTRM

Enterprise class CTRM solutions are the backbone to any commodity trading or supply chain organization. Allowing for the mgt. of the complete deal life cycle. Supporting parallel processes such as Risk & Hedging, Trade Fin., Ops, and Settlement.

ERP & GL Systems

Integrated ERP / CTRM Ecosystems are paramount to a digital transformation strategy. They allow for a “best in class” architecture in which supply chain mgt is coupled with trading, valuations, risk, and inventory as well as deal to cash mgt to create a single reconcilable PNL

CMS: Commodity Management Systems

Extending past the core, the CMS should be a module or integrated to the CTRM and serve as the “Orchestrator” of all workflows. Coordination of Trade Finance, Risk, Shipping and Ops, as well as Deal to Cash along with complete KPI reporting allows for optimized digital controls. Integrated document mgt pairs transactions and event with digital assets making for a single source of truth

Analytics & Intelligence

The User Layer must consist of technology tools which bring data through the eco-system to the fingertips of users allowing for better decision making and workflow coordination. Utilization of the complete data set in AI and ML Applications provides a multi-dimensional “Cockpit” for Decision Support Reporting & Analysis

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