(n. pl.) prin·cip·i·a – A fundamental principle
Provide the world’s leading business consultancy solutions
to the Commodity Trading & Risk Management industry.

Global Thought Leadership

Principia consultants deliver industry tested business “Best Practices” customized to add maximum efficiency to our client’s workflows. Optimize efficiency, minimize risk.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Each Subject Matter Expert brings deep domain knowledge within their specific discipline with an average of 7-10 years of practical industry experience. Our resources are industry veterans that once sat in the roles of their clients.


A Fundamental Principle – Our Consultants have experienced the pros and cons of virtually every vendor in the E/C TRM space - offering unbiased views of the system landscape. We put our client’s needs above all else through open communication, honest feedback and complete transparency.

We work with passion and knowledge

At Principia we believe that knowledge and passion go hand in hand to create the optimal delivery platform. Knowledge alone is incomplete without the ability to drive our client’s goals to fruition – Passion creates that drive. We empower all of our consultant’s with this mantra and strive every day to meet our clients’ needs through these tools.


Dedicated & Professional

We work within our client’s eco-system

Organic Industry Experts

We come from the business

Global Thought Leaders

The culmination of 15+ years of industry best practices

Proven Track Record

Principal led proven, delivery and referenceable client base.

What Clients are saying

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    • Principia Consulting in action. Steak ,wine, whisky and great conversation with industry thought leaders. What a wonderful night in South Korea talking about industry challenges in Korea and how to overcome them. Don’t forget to register for our next event where we will showcase thought leadership at it’s best. Watch this space.  Link in bio. #principia #globalthoughtleaders #thoughtleadership #global #commodities #riskmanagement
    • Commodity Risk Management  Professionals of Korea round table discussion tonight. Such a huge success with valued clients and thought leaders. #Principia #riskmanagement #commodities  #globalthoughtleaders #thoughtleadership
    • Global Thought Leadership Delivered. #Principia 
    • Don’t miss our latest event happening soon. Commodities Risk Professionals of Korea. #Dominic #Seoul . ~
Email doug@principia-consulting.com to book. Seating is limited. 
Global Thought Leadership Delivered. #Principia 
    • Do more of what works. Global Thought Leadership Delivered. #Principia 
    • Global Thought Leadership Delivered. #Principia